Sunday, October 6, 2013

We Love Sewing on Pinterest

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We have a board for sewing stores in Manila so if you have suggestions, send us a picture and your comment to and we will add to our board.


  1. Hello, I'm a sewing hobbyist, and I love your blog! The info about fabric shopping in metro manila is really useful. I've not explored yet, as of now I've only bought fabric in divisoria.

    Anyway, I have a question unrelated to this post, but I'm unsure where else I should ask this so here goes. What do you suggest for dress lining that isn't polyester and is available locally? I used to use geena silk but it's not breathable and not very durable either. I'd use cotton batiste but I fear it would cling to stockings. I'd be really thankful for any recommendations!

    1. HI Ella! I actually nearly always use some kind of a light weight cotton to line my clothes as I can't stand the feel of geena (which is not silk!) on my skin and I am lucky that I don't have to wear stockings on a regular basis! Geena is probably polyester or nylon and doesn't breath or absorb moisture so is incredibly uncomfortable in hot weather. Unfortunately cotton would stick to your stockings and your skirts would ride up when you walk. In Europe and the US, you can get rayon lining which is much more comfortable than polyester or nylon lining but I have never seen it here. Some sewers also use real silk but I've rarely seen it here and it would probably be more expensive than your main fabric! I'm really not sure what else to suggest. If you can find cotton satin, that might work as it would be quite slippery. If I ever come across anything I'll let you know! One thing though about using cotton as a lining , is make sure that you pre-wash as it definitely shrinks. You should really pre-wash/dry clean any fabric before sewing as most fabrics shrink even if it is only a tiny little bit. The last thing you want is to spend so much time sewing a garment, only to find its's too short/tight/distorted because the fabric shrunk after washing! some fabrics even shrink after ironing, so once your fabric is washed, make sure you iron it as well! If you like fabric buying in Divisoria, I can recommend the basement of 999 (the building along CM Recto, opposite Tutuban) I just visited it for the first time last week and they have some good fabric stores, especially if you are looking for 100% cotton. It's also clean and bright!

    2. Yes, I learned that about Geena the hard way, haha. I made a dress fully lined in it, it's uncomfortable to wear on really hot days. Thanks for your suggestions! I guess cotton really is the way to go unless I order from the states, huh. I've never seen cotton satin but I'll be on the hunt now. I'll be checking out the basement of 999 too! Thanks again :D

  2. If you need to line dresses, you can use some kind of thin cotton for the top, and geena for the skirt. ON hot days, I find that cotton lining helps dresses crease less and also absorbs perspiration, so its a lot cooler all round!