Saturday, April 9, 2011


Although this is really a blog about sewing, I also love to knit and have taught some friends. Again the challenge in Manila is to find knitting needles and yarn. The only yarn locally available is a cheap and nasty acrylic and a thin cotton mainly used for crochet. I have knitted and crocheted bags and blankets out of the cotton but used it double so I can use bigger needles. Some of the yarn in this (still) unfinished Babette blanket is the local  Monaco or Canon yarn.

It works well on a European 3.5mm crochet hook or knitting needles and by taking 2 different colors, you can get quite nice variegated effects. I once knitted pot holders using up all my leftovers and 6 strands (but that is a post yet to come)!

I usually teach the continental way of knitting where you hold the yarn in your left hand as it is easier and faster. I can across this video at Love Affair With My Brother And My Janome And My Bernina And My Singer (and I would love to have all those machine...sigh!), so in case any of my students  forget once they get home, either call me or look at this video!