Tuesday, October 22, 2013

V8858: nothing left over!

Update on evening skirt V8858 (first post here)
  1. Fitted muslin - everything was OK.
  2. Adjusted all the flounces for changes in skirt length. This is fiddly as you are sewing the inner edges of the "donuts" to your skirt seams. Measure these curves carefully, you have some allowance to play with, but if this is not enough, you will need to make the diameter of these donuts slightly bigger ( and this is why we should all have paid more attention in school geometry classes!) and adjust the diameter if necessary. The bigger the diameter the longer the seam.
  3. Laid out all pattern pieces on fabric and slept over it one night as I had zero room for any mistakes! 
  4. Cut the next morning and this little pile of fabric cuttings on the left is all I have left over!

V8858 Vogue evening skirt

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