Saturday, April 9, 2011


Although this is really a blog about sewing, I also love to knit and have taught some friends. Again the challenge in Manila is to find knitting needles and yarn. The only yarn locally available is a cheap and nasty acrylic and a thin cotton mainly used for crochet. I have knitted and crocheted bags and blankets out of the cotton but used it double so I can use bigger needles. Some of the yarn in this (still) unfinished Babette blanket is the local  Monaco or Canon yarn.

It works well on a European 3.5mm crochet hook or knitting needles and by taking 2 different colors, you can get quite nice variegated effects. I once knitted pot holders using up all my leftovers and 6 strands (but that is a post yet to come)!

I usually teach the continental way of knitting where you hold the yarn in your left hand as it is easier and faster. I can across this video at Love Affair With My Brother And My Janome And My Bernina And My Singer (and I would love to have all those machine...sigh!), so in case any of my students  forget once they get home, either call me or look at this video!


  1. Dear WeLoveSewing,

    Do you happens to have any idea where I can take knitting classes here in Manila? I am really a fan of knitted items and I want to learn how to make one. Please help...

  2. what nasty acrylic yarn? Do you mean the monaco brand or the one people used for sewing notebooks together?